2016 Update ‘Der Berliner Postkrieg 1948/49’

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2016 Update ‘Die Klassischen Postkriege – vor 1948’

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Since the latest (7th) edition of the Postkriegs-Spezialkatalog in 2011, new postal wars have been registered:

New main numbers:

1955 BRD: new Retourmarks for the postage stamp "10 Years of dispelled people"

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1958 USA FDC metermark “Kossuth” refused in Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

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1964.2 Switzerland – Hungary: refused mail because of metermark ‘Help refugees’.

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1964.3 FRG – GDR: postage stamp ‘Buildings’ series with blacked, alleged ‘head of Hitler hidden in tree branches’

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2014.1 Russia – Ukraine: Mail with Crimea stamps refused.

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New Sub-numbers:

1959.58-II.KC Austria – Czechoslovakia: postage stamp ‘World Refugee Year’ returned already in Austria.

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1965.1-II.Bb FRG – Poland: postage stamp ‘20 years of expulsion of German population’, new retour cachet.

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2000.1-Fc FYROM – Greece: New counter cachet in Greece.

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