Jan Heijs is the expert appointed by the German Association of Philatelic Experts (VP) for the field of ‘Postal War’.

‘Postal War’ items are expertized according to the VP rules (see and the definition of ‘Postal War’ found in the specialized ‘Postal War’ catalogue as well as on this website under ‘Definitions’.

If an item is expertized to be genuine but philatelically inspired or ‘produced’ for commercial purposes, this fact will be mentioned in the expertizing certificate or brief certificate.

By asking for an expertization, it is accepted that, where an item is judged a forgery, this fact is made public, e. g. on this website or in philatelic publications, in order to raise collectors’ awareness and warn them.

Jan Heijs has all the necessary technical tools at his disposal as well as more than 2500 original ‘Postkrieg’ reference items, 200 forgeries and a library of 6000 copies in order to ensure an expertization of the highest quality. Where it is considered appropriate, access to the biggest known ‘Postal War’ collection would provide him with additional information.

Before sending items, you are kindly requested to ensure by email (see under ‘Contact’) that the expert can provide the service in a timely fashion.